Why get your Walmart Account Suspended

5 Reasons that can get your Walmart Account Suspended

Walmart Seller Account Suspended: Words that can almost send a Marketplace seller into a frenzy. In case this unfortunate episode has occurred to you, fear not.

As bad news as it is, it is not impossible to recover your account from this event. Although the process is a demanding one and requires dedication from the seller, it is necessary.

What are the reasons for the Walmart account Suspension?

Walmart suspends sellers’ accounts on various grounds. These are as follows:

1st Reason: Walmart Performance Standards Infringement

2nd Reason: Fulfillment – Another Retailer

3rd Reason: Non-Compliance with Marketplace Retailer Agreement

4th Reason: Neglecting Walmart Operational Standards

5th Reason: Trust and Safety Standards Violation

To successfully sell at Walmart Marketplace, sellers need to keep up a plan of action that makes sure none of those mentioned above violations take place, ever.

The following sections tackle each one of these in-depth.

1st Reason: Walmart Performance Standards Infringement

Each seller needs to meet the performance standards laid down by Walmart and the sellers can view their performance in the Seller Scorecard provided by Walmart. These are as follows:

Exceptions considered by Walmart

Order Defect Rat

It is the ratio of total orders with any defect (at least one such order) to the total number of orders during the period when the defect in order occurred.

What are the Order Defects?

  • Order Cancellation by Walmart Sellers
  • Orders Returned due to defective or wrong order delivered by Walmart Seller.
  • Order Delivery out of the Expected Date of Delivery.
  • Customer Complaints and reviews based on defective or below expectations order deliver

Order Cancellation Defect

Order Cancellation defects occur when the sellers cancel orders on Walmart due to low and insufficient inventory compared to the demands.
Or if sellers realize too late that they have priced the product incorrectly or a particular part of the description sends out the wrong expectation for the product.
These raise questions on the seller’s sincerity and create a negative experience for the customers.

Order Return Defect

The order returned post-delivery is perhaps the worst thing that could happen to a seller’s image.
Several reasons could lead to this defect, such as defective or damaged or weak quality orders received by the customer.
This kind of defect directly falls under the abolition of Walmart Performance Standards, leading to the suspension.

Delivery Defect

Customer Complaints

If you fail your customers, they will complain. It is just as simple as that. It could be a case where the customers find any defect in the product. Or a gap between the expectation laid down by your listing and what you delivered.
Please note that Walmart will not inform the sellers personally about the complaints they receive against them. Claims, even after settlement, will still be counted as a defect.

On-Time Shipment

Walmart’s Appeal Process

If the reason for your Walmart Account Suspension is other than Trust and Safety Standards violations, you can follow the Walmart Appeal Process. The following process can help you out in re-establishing your privileges to sell at the Walmart marketplace:

1st Step: Analyze Seller Performance Standards

2nd Step: Develop a new Strategy for Business.

3rd Step: Send this strategy to Walmart

4th Step: Do everything possible not to keep up but excel beyond Seller Performance.

If you would like help with this process, please contact us. If you have more information about this issue, please let us know!



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