Usman keeps stalking, and Edwards is not threatening. The challenger needs to do something big, and he has nothing

 Edwards lands a few leg kicks, then defends a takedown attempt. He then slips on an attack, and Usman gets him 

The canvas. But Edwards gets up, and with two minutes to go, he scores a trip takedown into full mount.

Edwards gets his foot caught against the cage, and the brief distraction allows Usman to swarm with punches

Even after Edwards gets away, Usman keeps up the pressure, leading to two takedowns. Edwards is starting

Usman resumes his stalking. A minute in, he gets a takedown. Edwards gets right back up, but Usman is

Edwards lands a couple of shots, but Usman again closes in, gets another takedown and takes back control.

Then he is on top, in full mount. Edwards looks drained, and Usman is rolling. 10-9, Usman. (29-28 Usman.)