How to start a walmart dropshipping business

Thanks for coming to our website to learn how to start Walmart dropshipping business, Walmart is the second-largest e-commerce marketplace in the world, Making up to 11% of retail e-commerce sales in 2021.

If you are a dropshipper, Walmart marketplace grow up your dropshipping business next level.

Dropshipping is the best way to sell products where sellers don’t have any stores and don’t need to ship any products.

Instead, they use third-party suppliers to fulfill orders. It’s a typically  competitive business, But thankfully, Walmart is a somewhat exclusive dropshipping platform

On sellers will have access to a large marketplace that is less competitive than platforms like

At the same time, dropshipper reach more shopper than if they created an online store from scratch

In this  post HVATeam virtual assistant, we try to cover what Walmart dropshipping business is and how can get started Walmart  dropshipping business  through this unique channel

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What is Walmart’s dropshipping business 

Walmart dropshipping is the process of selling through third-party suppliers on the marketplace or dropshipping Walmart products on another marketplace like  Amazon, eBay and Shopify store

There are some ways to drop ship using the Walmart marketplace

  • Dropshipping Walmart products to another marketplace like Walmart to eBay dropshipping, Walmart to amazon dropshipping, Walmart to Facebook drop shipping,
  • Using the Walmart Drop Ship Vendor program where a merchant sends products directly to shoppers
  • Selling  dropshipping products on Walmart marketplace  like Amazon to Walmart dropshipping, eBay to Walmart dropshipping, sam’s club to Walmart dropshipping

We’ll be focusing on the last type of dropshipping as a third-party seller

Why use Walmart dropshipping

  • No upfront costs and fees: Walmart don’t charge you anything to set up a store ( Walmart seller center) or register to sell the product on their platform. you are only charged a referral fee when you make sales, you can read more about  referral fees here
  • Large assortment of products: Walmart offers more than 35 categories that you can sell. As long as your product is not on the Prohibited Products list, you can sell a variety of items on the platform.
  • Sellers are better positioned to win Buy Box  on the Walmart marketplace

Walmart dropshipping process  

While Walmart marketplace is a great platform to sell products. Currently, it is too difficult to get approval  Walmart seller center.

Follow these steps  for getting started Walmart dropshipping

Step 1: Find the best supplier and product for your dropshipping business 

A platform like Doba, SaleHoo, and wholesale Centre is great for finding wholesale suppliers. also use another platform like Amazon, eBay,

for this work you also hire an expert Walmart virtual assistant

When researching suppliers, you’ll need to pay attention to certain details, including:

  • The quality of their technology. Evaluate how up-to-date the supplier’s website is and whether they can take orders by email.
  • Their location. Local suppliers are best when dropshipping on Walmart because they’re often able to ship products faster. This is important because Walmart rewards fast shipping with more exposure, which you’ll want to take advantage of as a new seller.
  • How organized and efficient they are. You can see this in their preparedness and speed in responding to queries, as well as how easily they take action on your requests. Pay attention to their knowledge of the products they sell, too.

When deciding which product to sell research what products/product niches are popular among consumers and how much you can sell your products for. You’ll also need to check your products against Walmart’s Prohibited Products policy.

You can try Google Trends or Facebook Audience Insights for product research. Running the search terms for products you’re considering through these tools can help you understand consumer sentiments toward them.

To determine product pricing, you can look at how competing sellers are pricing their products. Also, consider whether you can afford to sell your products at discounts to compete with them.

STEP 2 : Apply to sell on Walmart Marketplace 

Regardless of how you choose to sell products with Walmart, you’ll need approval. Walmart has a rigorous application and on-boarding process to select quality sellers who can provide a great experience to their customers.

To become a Walmart Marketplace seller, visit Walmart Marketplace’s website and click “Request to Sell.”


Fill in the required fields. It should take about 10 minutes to complete if you have all the information prepared. You’ll need to have this information prepared to apply.

Step 3: Go through Walmart Marketplace Seller onboarding

After getting Walmart seller center approval, your need to complete the onboarding process to sell Walmart.

You’ll receive an email that contains the registration link. The entire onboarding process consists of 10 steps.

The approved seller will receive a registration email, which will direct the seller to complete the registration process. Here, sellers will be able to:

  • Create an account. When creating your seller account, you’ll need to have the following information handy: your business address, bank account details, and business information to complete tax forms
  • Agree to the Walmart Retailer Agreement
  • Fill out tax forms
  • Fill in payment and shipping information. You have the option of two payment platforms to receive payments: Payoneer or Hyperwallet

The seller will then complete Walmart’s Partner Profile. This will include information buyers will see and include information like your company name, description, logo, company policies, and more.

If you don’t have experience with how to set up the onboarding process our Expert Team help you. Check our Walmart virtual assistant service

Once your store is set up, you will start preparing to sell by listing your products. Test the order process by publishing two to three items and placing your own orders. You’ll need to test the following scenarios in the Seller center: order acknowledgment, order cancellation, order shipping, and order refund. 

Once everything is confirmed to be working, you are ready to go live. Walmart will perform a final review and then release your account to go live.

Once your store is live, your items are published to Walmart Marketplace. Customers will be able to purchase within a few hours of publishing, and your products will be searchable in 24 to 48 hours.

Step 4: Start fulfilling orders

After your product goes live shipping and fulfillment speed is vital for the success of your store.

Walmart Marketplace all sellers take advantage of Two Day’s Shipping Program. The TwoDay shipping program is a great way to draw in more customers and sell more products. Walmart also rewards fast shipping with Buy Box placements and priority ranking in search.

Best 3 tips for Walmart drop shipper 

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